Thank you, 2017!

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Thank you, 2017!
I started the year with uncertainty.
I doubted myself a lot, as a yoga student/ teacher, Preschool teacher and as just me.
I realised that no matter what, you can not please everyone; that’s a fact.
I can be stubborn and mean but I definitely know what is right and what is wrong for me. I thank God that He’s giving me a patient heart to let go and surrender. I know I am almost there. I know He’s preparing me for greater battles and happy moments.
The road is not very clear for 2018 but I am definitely ready. 🙏🏼

My 2017 Travels

I am so blessed that Yoga is inside me and everyone else.
This year I started helping @yogainstiinct and @trust_yoga_sg because of these opportunities I met awesome and wonderful people. I am proud to say that they are not just my students, they are my friends.
Shoutout to @yogahiveph for hosting my 2 magical workshops in the Philippines! Maraming Salamat po! 🙏🏼
Yoga changed my life and will always be.

Some of my classes and workshop in the Philippines and Singapore!

I am grateful
with my life
with my family
with my friends
with my students
Life is not easy, we all have our own battles. Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose. That’s the beauty of it, whether you are at the top or at the lowest possible level, you live and learn.
May we all have wonderful 2018!

Some of my pictures from different photo shoots and video shoots this year!

Love more
Trust more
and always be grateful.
Here’s a short video of my last class for 2017. Watch and enjoy!
(Please click the link below. Something is not working properly. ***wink) 
Mark Louie Maycong

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