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Spotlight | Lensman : Paolo Bernardo

Today’s spotlight is not a yoga teacher or a yoga student but a photographer / videographer. Paolo maybe a typical lensman but through his eyes are stories that need to be told. From places to people, moments and emotions are captured not just beautiful faces and amazing places. I’ve know this gentleman since elementary school. Since […]

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Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Warsaw, Poland 2017 ??

Alive! That’s Warsaw and Kraków,the 2 giants of Poland. Before visiting these colorful cities there are so many stereotypes left and and right, they said, it’s a sad country. But when I was there, it’s totally different, the people are alive! and the architectures are as beautiful like the once in other European cities. As […]

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Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Oslo, Norway 2017 ??

Norway is a country that has a firm foundation with its history but continuously moving forward towards the future. Yes there are ‘European Buildings’ in Oslo but you will noticed that the city’s path is towards the future, towards modernisation. You will only see few renaissance or baroque style buildings and statues. If you see […]

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