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Yoga Mindfulness with Children and Meddy Teddy Yoga Bears

Mindfulness is about paying attention to our present moment, thoughts, emotions and feelings without any judgement or hesitation. I believe that Yoga Mindfulness should be practiced by everyone regardless of age or religion. Mindfulness helps our body and soul to be at the present state of awareness to be calm and to enjoy the moment […]

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What’s New | Trust Yoga: Yoga with Passion

Everyone of us love to have grand dreams. Probably for a yoga teacher, having and owning a yoga studio is one of the best dreams to have. Manoj Kumar came to Singapore 6 years ago as a yoga teacher. His hopes and dreams is to have his own yoga studio. He dreamt big, he owned […]

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How advanced are you in yoga?

Yoga from the heart. Real Yoga is the biggest yoga chain studio in Singapore. More than a hundred classes are conducted every week. Imagine, classes are starting from 8:00 am all the way until 10:00 pm with a 15 to 30 mins time gap for each classes, that’s how dedicated Real Yoga is, to be […]

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