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Yoga Mindfulness with Children and Meddy Teddy Yoga Bears

Mindfulness is about paying attention to our present moment, thoughts, emotions and feelings without any judgement or hesitation. I believe that Yoga Mindfulness should be practiced by everyone regardless of age or religion. Mindfulness helps our body and soul to be at the present state of awareness to be calm and to enjoy the moment […]

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Jollity Children’s Yoga

Children are great imitators. Give them something great to imitate. Jollity means celebration! Celebration means fun! Jollity Children’s Yoga is a yoga program design for 18 months to 12 years old children. It is developmentally appropriate that teaches not only yoga but also music, dance, games and stories. It is June holiday now here in […]

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Children’s Yoga Program

  Recently I was a bit busy preparing for the Children’s Yoga Program for my school. If all the stars will collide, I will be teaching Children’s Yoga during the weekends. My fingers and toes are all crossed when thinking about this program. It will be a new experience for me, as I will make […]

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