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Express Yoga Guide: 10 Minutes Yoga Practice

10 Minutes Yoga Practice to awaken and relax the mind and body! A very good Express Yoga to start or end a busy day. Enjoy the Express Yoga Videos below! Warm Up with this simple stretching: Followed by a Gentle Heart Opening: Awaken the whole body with Forward Fold and Downward Facing Dog Stretch: And […]

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Express Yoga Guide: Gentle Heart Opener

express (1) ɪkˈsprɛs,ɛkˈsprɛs verb convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct. synonyms: communicate, convey, indicate, show, demonstrate, reveal, intimate, manifest, make manifest, exhibit, evidence, put across/over, get across/over express (2) ɪkˈsprɛs,ɛkˈsprɛs adjective operating at high speed, in particular. synonyms: rapid, swift, fast, quick, speedy, high-speed, brisk, flying, prompt, expeditious; More […]

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The Best Yoga Mats!

This Article was originally posted at Reviews.com Lauren Thomas personally message me to mention and share this to everyone! Enjoy dear Readers. The Best Yoga Mat Get the right amount of traction for your downward dog As an instructor and student who rolls out the mat quite regularly, I know what features I prefer to […]

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